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January 2020

Are you looking for a commercial mortgage? Maybe you’re looking to move away from renting somewhere for your business to operate from and are looking to secure its future by investing in your own premises? Perhaps you may be considering upgrading your current arrangement, releasing equity or refinancing? Whatever your reason, we could help you on your journey with specialist advice on commercial mortgages.

Many business owners are now finding low interest rates and competitive commercial prices make investing in your own business premises far more cost efficient than renting. Lenders may apply specific terms to commercial loans depending on the sector your business falls under. For example, someone looking for retail premises may expect between 65-70% loan to value over a term of 15 years. Someone looking for manufacturing premises may be allowed up to 80% loan to value over a longer term of 20 years. Much of the decision-making process will rely on affordability, the deposit involved and projected profitability.  

If you would like to find out more about how a commercial mortgage may benefit your business, please contact us. We will be able to consider your unique circumstances and match them with lending criteria. All advice is confidential, and we are regulated by the FCA.