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July 2021

The 2021 housing market continues to fight against the effects of the pandemic with lenders looking at new ways to secure mortgage loans for an ever-widening range of needs. With more of us likely to spend much longer at home, property is hot news and house prices are still on the up.

Whilst those in rented may look to climb onto the ladder and make the most of some of the new 90% LTV deals, others may be needing space for a new home office – or just a new outlook! Gardens now seem to be an important factor, especially with the hands, face, space message being the key ingredient to gaining some sort of social life again. ‘Garage’ was also the number one search term on one well known property website and Cornwall has overtaken London as the most popular place to buy. Location, location, location is now more important than ever.

Despite uncertainty over jobs and the economy, more than ever our homes have become multi-purpose and need to be our zones of comfort over and above everything else. As most of us have appreciated in the last year, our surroundings affect our health and our ability to function. That’s not always easy when they’re acting as restaurants, gyms, offices and mini schools, often at the same time.

So, lockdown over, are you reassessing your home and what will be best in the future? As a first step, why not have a chat with us about the range of new mortgage solutions now on the market. You may be surprised at your possibilities! You can be free to ask questions about your current needs and we can take a look at your individual circumstances. We can make recommendations based on your post lockdown situation, for example if you’re still furloughed or help you to plan for the future. Contact our friendly team either by email or on 01205 355111.