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Writing a Will

May 2020

Whether you’ve got only a few assets or a large estate, leaving your lifetime possessions to the crown can be unnecessarily complex. Dying ‘intestate’ (without a will) will exclude anyone who isn’t married or in a civil partnership from inheriting anything automatically. This may include property, money and any assets.

Joint home ownership can also be a challenge where partners are tenants in common rather than in a beneficial joint tenancy. Children are treated slightly differently and may inherit depending on whether there is a surviving married or civil partner should the estate be worth over £250,000.

Under intestacy rules, as well as unmarried partners or those not in a civil partnership, other people who cannot inherit anything include:

  • Relatives by marriage
  • Close friends
  • Carers

In circumstances where there is no formal written will, it is possible to contest proceedings and apply to the court for financial provision from the estate.

As you can see, there are complex laws governing intestacy. Making a will can be something you may not want to think about but can save a lot of difficulty in the long term. Edwina is a fully qualified member of the Society of Will Writers and able to guide you through the maze of laws. To discuss will writing , please contact her on:

T: 01295 355 111